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General Surgery

FusionKraft™ range of General Surgical Instruments boasts of a portfolio in excess of 10,000 different products, like surgical knives, hooks, curettes, scoops, scissors, dressing and tissue forceps, probes, suction tips, trocars, haemostatic forceps, needle holders, towel clamps, polypus, tissue, organ, sponge and sterilizing forceps, gags, speculums, spreaders, contractors and retractors, dilators, rongeurs, punch, clamps, rasp and saws, rib shears, pliers, chisel, gouges, levers, elevators, spatula, mallets and many more.

FusionKraft™ promises a gamut of highest Quality instruments. 'Quality' to us means that our customers can fully rely on the safety, durability and performance of FusionKraft™ range of surgical offerings at any time. FusionKraft™ thrives to fulfil or exceed the expectations of the surgical practitioners by maintaining the highest production standards of ergonomics, materials and hygiene.

The goal of the FusionKraft™ is to provide its valuable customers with a One-Stop-Shop solution to all high quality surgical instrument requirements.

FusionKraft™ offers an extensive line of hand-held, stainless steel, tungsten carbide coated & titanium based General & Specialized Surgical Instrumentation.

Broadly, FusionKraft™ range of General Surgical Instrumentation can be classified into following classes on the basis of their function to achieve a specific surgical outcome namely:
  • Cutting Instruments
  • Grasping & Holding Instruments
  • Haemostatic Forceps
  • CRetractors, Spreaders & Contractors
  • Clamps
  • Accessories

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    But if you are still unable to search for any general or special instrument you're looking out for, please send us your request on org@myraandcompany.in