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Instruments Care & Maintenance

FusionKraft™ Surgical instruments can be one of the most important investments. Therefore, a good care and maintenance regimen is extremely essential to keep all of your FusionKraft™ surgical instruments looking like new and functioning properly for a long-long time besides producing quality surgical outcome every time.

No steel is truly "stainless". It's a fact that so-called stainless steel is subject to both water-spotting and staining. However, what many people identify as "rust" usually turns out to be something else !

All our processes adhere to the stringent criteria laid down under ISO 9001:2008 & 13485:2003 global quality standards and we believe that such high standards coupled with high grade conforming materials ensure that any instrument bearing the FusionKraft™ name will meet the demand of even the most discerning operator.

FusionKraft™ has developed a four-step instrument care & maintenance process to ensure effective care of FusionKraft™ instruments for a lifetime of use.

sterilization of surgical instruments pdf

Should you have any questions about any of our recommendations or any of FusionKraft™ instrument care & maintenance process guidelines, please contact your FusionKraft™ representative in your territory for further information.

But if you are still unable to search for any general or special instrument you're looking out for, please send us your request on org@myraandcompany.in