Recommended Surgical Sets

FusionKraft™ has developed a Surgical Instrumentation Sets catalogue which describes the exhaustive instrument requirement for a particular surgical intervention after researching deeply into the surgical steps of various surgeries & matching them with the products in the FusionKraft™ portfolio.

Such catalogue could be a readymade resource to a number of people within a healthcare institution including the operating faculty, technical staff, biomedical department, purchase or commercial section etc. reducing the hassles of the FusionKraft™ ordering & record keeping.

However, FusionKraft™ also suggests that every recommended surgical set requirement should be validated for its consistency as per the surgical necessity specific to an institution, department, specialty or an operating surgeon's technique / working approach etc. All FusionKraft™ Surgical Instrumentation Sets are customizable & upgradeable.

FusionKraft™ does not hold any responsibility, in whatsoever form, in terms of the consistency, completeness & entirety of the instrument information included in recommended set(s) in order to achieve a specific surgical outcome.

Neither FusionKraft™ nor its promoter - Myra & Co., is held liable for any claims, whatsoever, arising out of the inability, (deficiency or non-fulfilment) of a particular recommended surgical set to achieve a specific surgical conclusion. Moreover, both FusionKraft™ & Myra & Co. accepts no liability for the consequences of any action taken on the basis of the information provided as recommendation within this catalogue.

Should you have any questions about any of our FusionKraft™ surgical sets recommendations, please get in touch with us for further information on org@myraandcompany.in